Sep 15, 2009

The Cutest Matryoshka Present

What a pleasant surprise I received yesterday when I got the mail! There was this envelope from Mexico, sent by one of the very talented sellers on Etsy: Mi Casita.

The simple and cute return label got me excited already. Inside the envelope I found a cello bag carefully put together with a thank you tag and a sealing matching sticker.

In the bag there was this very well crafted Matryoshka Doll in a zippered pouch. So soft, so cute.

I featured one of Mi Casita's Carminita Matryoshka Dolls couple of weeks ago right here, and Rosy Palma, the designer and crafter, was kind enough to send me a thank you gift.

My daughter made me promise that I would share the doll with her, and she held it gently in her hands.

Thank you Rosy for your generosity. I have to say that I was impressed by the craftsmanship, the attention to every detail, and totally taken by such a cute present.