Oct 13, 2009

Birthday Party Invitation

I'm planning a small, budget-friendly birthday party for my daughter. She loves theNickJr.showNi Hao, Kai-lan and wanted that theme for her party. This is the invitation I designed for her. The invitation is done in a standard picture size (4x6") and can be printed in any store with photo service which keeps the invitation cost really low. I got a pack of white envelopes that I'll use to mail or hand out the invitations.
I'll be working in decorations and favors in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted with more pictures.


  1. do you sell these invites? I'd love to purchase a customized kai-lan invitation

  2. Yes. I'd also like to purchase invites for my daughter's 1st birthday om 16 July. Thx. mtrkids@yahoo.com