Mar 11, 2010

Good Bye Typewriter

In a few days my brother is coming from Cuba to live in the States and I asked my mother to send with him an old typewriter very similar to this one that has been in the family for many many years.

I used to type small projects for school on it. It was portable, kind of small and totally intriguing. I remember changing the ink rolls and using carbon paper to make copies. I got very sad this morning when I read my mom's email and found out that she just threw it away a few months ago.

She said it was very old, damaged and with a few broken parts. I guess Cuba is so frozen in time and people are so used to have "vintage" items as part of their everyday life, they don't appreciate old objects. They want the new, shinny, polished mass consumer products that we have everyday and they lack.

That's how I started my day, shocked and sad. I was hoping to show my kids how an old typewriter works, and I wanted to keep it as a memory from my childhood. Now I'll just buy a photo, card or poster with a fascinating old typewriter on it.


  1. wow thats kind of gutting that she threw it away what a real gem! but i agree there is nothing quite like a vintage one im still on the hunt for one, but cant seem to find anything not pricey or in need of dire repair :-(

  2. i love the type bird illustration -the paper texture is great!