Mar 30, 2010

New Spring Surface Pattern

I was picking up my daughter from school last Friday and I saw this Spring scene on the school mural.

The cute flowers with faces gave me the inspiration for a new Spring pattern. Right away I took pictures with my phone to keep the idea fresh in my mind.

To design the pattern, I started by drawing simple shapes in Illustrator. I tried to add a bunny but then went back to the first idea with flowers only.

Once the shapes were drawn, I added a few more flowers, a spring color palette and a patterned background.

I placed the motives all over the art board, and there you have it, a new Spring surface pattern. Now I'm making it into a mini range or collection with three or four more coordinating designs.


  1. I really love seeing the process behind design...from inspiration to idea to drawings to finished pattern! Makes me want to figure out Illustrator and create something myself x

  2. I really love the colour palette you used, very springtime!