Feb 16, 2011

Steps to Create a Bridal Shower Invitation

I love creating invitations and I do most of them as vector graphic in Illustrator. If that sounds too technical, I briefly show here the steps I follow to create a bridal shower invitation.


To create a Sun Dress Bridal Shower Invitation, I first draw a dress on a mannequin. I always start using just a black line drawing to concentrate on the shape instead of color.

Once the dress outline is ready, I start drawing the flowers that will be in the dress fabric pattern, now I start visualizing color.

I duplicate the flowers and add an horizontal stripes pattern to the dress. This will make it look fresh and summery.

A few technical steps like clipping mask, will make the dress look exactly how I pictured.

Now it's time to add color to other details like the straps and waist band. I can't wait to add the background.

I go for a soft pink as background color and dark grey for the mannequin body. I also decide to add a polka dots pattern at the bottom of the card.

Now the card is complete for uploading. Once in Zazzle, where this card will be available, I'll add the wording to finish it.

After couple of tweaking in size and placement, I add the wording for the card, carefully choosing font style, size and color. The wording can be customized to fit the purchaser's need.

And there you have, that's how I create a Bridal Shower Invitation.


  1. that is so cool! thanks for sharing these steps.

    it is just so amazing what photoshop can do... ^__^

    1. what software is this plz ,,???

  2. The software used is Adobe Illustrator CS4