Mar 11, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Want an iPad 2

  1. It’s super cool! Thin, sleek, just beautiful.
  2. Hubby will be able to watch UFC fights on the iPad2 while I design greeting cards in our currently shared iMac.
  3. Hubby will also be able to play games, watch movies and shop on Ebay while I draw little flowers and butterflies in our currently shared iMac.
  4. It’s undeniable cool.
  5. I can watch movies while traveling in a bigger (than the iPhone) screen.
  6. I could finally try really, really hard and make the switch to e-books from traditional printed editions. I just love so much holding a book in my hands even though I know trees don’t appreciate it… but I promise I’ll try.
  7. I can use a bigger (than the iPhone) portable screen for all my social media needs! Yes, I said needs.
  8. Apps, apps, apps!
  9. Did I mention it’s cool?
  10. I get to add to this post 10 iPad cases you may want to check out, for all those iPads that will be for sale soon.

Giraffe iPad Case

Floral iPad Case

Art Nouveau iPad Case

Piet Mondrian iPad Case

Black and White Floral iPad Case

Argyle iPad Case

Monogram Stripes iPad Case

Invisible Nerd iPad Case

Spring Floral iPad Case

Sequins iPad Case

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