Mar 23, 2011

Bridal Shower Trends

Theme bridal showers are very trendy right now. You can find a lot of ideas and inspiration for any theme you can think off. Of course, every great event starts with an original, eye-catching invitation, and here are just a few to please various current trends.

Western Bridal Shower Invitation
With a retro western saloon look, this invitation is great for a couple's shower.  More and more, grooms are being part of this fun day and the card unisex design is perfect to celebrate together.

Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitation

Aloha! The Hawaiian theme never gets old. It's very colorful and upbeat. You can easily find tons of coordinating party supplies to go with it. Guests also can be asked to show up wearing a tropical shirt or dress.

Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation
The kitchen is becoming very trendy. This is ideal for the domestic diva or the cook enthusiast. Even though a lot of couples live together before marriage, they can always use good quality kitchen gadgets and tools, china sets and gourmet food.

Flip Flops Bridal Shower Invitation
Thinking of the sound of the ocean? The beach theme is refreshing and colorful. It gives a breath of fresh air at the end of a long winter. It's a fairly easy theme to put together with party supplies, favors and summery drinks.

Moroccan Lantern Bridal Shower Invitation
An striking Moroccan theme may be the ideal one for the global bride. This invitation sets the mood for an exotic ambiance. Complete your celebration with rich pillows, golden tea candle holders and colorful scarfs.

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