Apr 5, 2011

Creating a Story Book Invitation

Today I just had the idea of creating a kids birthday party invitation with the Little Red Riding Hood theme. With a movie out right now (that I haven't seen) I've been hearing about this classic story here and there. So this is more or less how it went. I started by outlining the main character.

Then I went to add a bit of color to place my shapes on the front or the back of the design.

Added more details, eyes and mouth, cape tie and flat style shoes.

I changed my mind about the shoes and drew rain boots with a flower pattern, way cutter if you ask me. Also, included fruit and bread in the polka dots basket, Grandma needs to eat after all.

Then started working on trees. Basic trees with apples or some sort of fruit, you can really imagine whatever you want.

I created plaid patterns for the trees, drew little flowers around and decided on background colors.

Then, I went back to Little Red Riding Hood, because she's our main character here, and worked on a few face details like blush and little freckles. I refuse to draw cute girl characters without freckles.

Also added flowers to the basket and tweaked a few colors.

The trees got some love as well, with a dash stroke to give it that crafty look that goes so good with story books, or at least I think so.

This is how the whole invitation same together. Now is ready to be uploaded to my store, and once there, add the wording for the final touch.

And here it is... Ta-Dah!!!... The final Little Red Riding Hood invitation with wording, available on the market place. Hopefully some girl (or her mom) will find it irresistible and will chose it for her birthday party.

The next one will have to include the Big Bad Wolf...

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