Apr 4, 2011

Tea Towel Design Contest

Last week was the deadline for the tea towel design competition hosted by To Dry For, home to a mind-blowing array of designer tea towels. I found out about the competition just the day before the deadline, and right away an idea popped in my mind.

I pictured a love affair between a Japanese style tea pot and an old fashioned espresso maker. At that moment it didn't seem odd at all... I grabbed my note pad and doodled it really quick. I was driving and only had the couple of minutes I was stopped at traffic lights.

Sketch on my note pad

I got home and went straight to the computer to put my sketched idea into a final entry. I drew it, chose a color scheme suitable for screen printing, tweaked a few details, and there it was, my tea towel design entry.

To Dry For Competition Entry

I know they probably got lots of beautiful entries made by talented designers and illustrators, but regardless of the competition results, I'm happy with my very own love affair design. Here are other very lovely tea towels you can find in the To Dry For Website.

Jonah Tea Towel

Right On Tea Towel

Sunny Days Tea Towel

Heaven Tea Towel

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