Nov 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Last year my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving at our home for the third time. I have to admit it is a lot of work, but once all the food is done and the family is seating at the table, it's all worth it! Not only I like to cook the entire meal, but I like to set a nice table escape to make the occasion cozy and enjoyable.

For my Thanksgiving table decor I used things I had around the house that would work together. The center vase with flowers is the daily centerpiece with flowers and stems from Pier1 Imports. The large pumpkins are from Michaels, the were orange but I painted them in ivory with spray paint bought at Lowe's. The yellow tinted wine glasses were a present from a friend and they matched very well with the color scheme.

The tablecloth bought at Home Goods has a typical fall theme with leaves in bold, rich colors. The dark dishes are from IKEA and I've had them forever! I needed some spark, so I added the chunky, silver candle holders that I had in a box somewhere in my closet, it really added a much needed flare.

 I did the place tags. There something about place tags that I love. I would use them daily if my family wouldn't thing there's something wrong with me.

I printed the names on card stock (measuring 3x2.5" folded, the size of a standard business card), and incorporated a peel-and-stick felt leave on each one from a variety pack I bought at Michaels.

For the kids table, I added some paper figurines, a matching table cloth since I was lucky to find the same print on both oblong and round sizes, and also used the place cards. The kids loved their specially designed table.
Now I'm on the task of designing this year's table. I'll use some of the same decorations I had last year, but will make sure to add a new twist to it. What are you doing with your Thanksgiving table?

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