Jul 6, 2012

10 Postage Stamps You Can't Find At Your Local USPS

When planning an important event (bridal shower, milestone birthday party, baby shower, wedding) you want every detail to be unique. You got a theme, picked a color combination, put together a guest list and ordered just the perfect invitation. Then you head to the USPS office to stamp your envelopes only to find out that your choices are very limited when it comes to a decent looking postage stamp. Well, it doesn't have to be that way.

Zazzle offers endless possibility when it comes to custom stamps. I know that endless sounds a bit overwhelming, but that can be solved by searching for exactly what you are looking for (is it orange, or does it have a nautical theme?) and there you have it, a nice array of stamps, many of them customizable, to add that one special touch to your mailing and setting the right detailed tone for your party.

Black and Silver Save the Date Stamps
Black and Silver Save the Date Stamps by twunschl
Look for more postage from zazzle.com.

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