Jan 29, 2012

Character Wedding Invitation

I like the whimsical feel of these wedding invitation coordinates. It sets the tone for a down-to-earth, chic yet laid back event. It is also the first invitation added to my newly created store "Be Married". There's much more to come and I'll keep you posted.

Jan 25, 2012

FREE Valentine's Day Coupons

Here are three Valentine's Day coupons that you can download for free. Just click on the image to view it larger, then right click on it and save it in your computer. You can print as many as you want and fill in the details. Have fun!

Jan 23, 2012

I Heart Etsy - Valantine's Day Art

Getting in the lovey-dovey mood? Here are a few sweet and lovely art prints to celebrate Valentine's Day.

City of Love

Love Retro Camera

Pretty Pair

Love Red Balloons

Love Candy

XOXO Print

Jan 17, 2012

Jan 13, 2012

12 Charming Reusable Bags

Sticking to your new year's resolution to support local farmers, buy more organic and stay healthy? Every little step can help, specially when you stay motivated with these durable canvas bags to carry your groceries, books, beach gear... you name it!

Jan 12, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

January 12th marks a special day for me. It is my blog anniversary!!! Three years and 345 posts later, I'm very happy of having started this project a little while ago. It has changed and evolved, but it's still here. Happy Birthday Blog!

Skipping January

January is pretty much a "meh" month. Recovering from the stress of the holidays, it's a month to unwind and set goals for the new year. February is another story! Love it or hate it, there's Valentine's Day. Interested or not, there's the Oscar Awards Ceremony. For either occasion, there's always that special invitation to host your favorite event.

Jan 2, 2012

New Year, New Love

The Holiday season is over and 2012 is already here, but that doesn't mean we don't have new events to look forward to. Lots of couples get engaged over the holidays and want to share their happiness with family and friends. For them, here's a gallery of invitations to choose from.