Jul 31, 2013

Birth Announcements in my Etsy Shop

Good news! My Etsy shop is now offering customizable Birth Announcements. Below are some of the designs available. They are stylish and affordable. Once you receive your customized card, you can post it on Facebook or print it. If you have an idea and want a specific theme or design just contact me and I'll be happy to make your idea into a card that will help you spread the arrival of your new baby in a unique and fun way.

Jul 29, 2013

Traveling Sandals

These sandals are made for the traveler. They feature maps or a scene that reminds you of that special place. They are now available at Zazzle and many of them can be customized with a name or saying. Find your favorite one here.

Jul 26, 2013

Photo Friday: Instagram Stream

How much we love Summer! The pool, the grill, the ice cream... it's all good! Below are just a few snap shots of my Instagram stream with some summer fun moments. How's your summer going so far?

Jul 24, 2013

I Heart Etsy: Three Stores, The Stories

Today I'm featuring three different shops from Etsy. The first one is Up in the Air Somewhere and it features unique ceramic pieces created by Susan Dwyer.

Next is Nellianna, offering paper origami lamps for the home with the airy creations of Nellianna and Kenneth.

Last but certainly not least is Guidoux Vintage with a wonderful selection of old and fun curiosities picked somewhere in London.

Where do you see your style, in the whimsical contrast found in the ceramic pieces of the first featured store, the minimalist approach to lighting of the origami selections, or the vintage cottage style of the last two pieces?

Jul 22, 2013

Falling into the Autumn Season

I just added this Fall themed Bridal Shower Invitation to my Zazzle shop. It comes in time for Autumn weddings with their warm colors and delicate style.
This invitation is the newest addition to other popular designs for the Fall Season such as the Bridal Invitation, the Birth Announcement Card and The Save the Date Card shown below.

Jul 19, 2013

Freebie Friday: Free Downloadable Frames

I found these cute and trendy frames on Pinterest and guess what? They can be downloaded for FREE! They are actually two sets of fonts that contain frames. Use them for craft digital projects or scrapbooks. Find them here and here.

Jul 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Fall Theme Invitations

When is time to find the perfect Fall Themed Wedding Invitation, these choices can be exactly what you are looking for. The warm color tones are ideal for the Autumn Season. The styles vary from Vintage to Modern to Floral. You can even pick one featuring a photo of the bride and the groom. They are many more styles, sizes and colors to choose from at Zazzle.

Jul 15, 2013

Paris Themed Luggage Tags

Summer is one of the peak traveling times of the year. School is out, kids are on vacation and the weather is hot. It's the perfect time for family bonding and sharing good times. To celebrate traveling I post today a set of luggage tags with a Paris theme featuring the Eiffel tower. They all can be customized with your personal information and they all can be found at my Zazzle shop A Day in Paris.
Eiffel Tower Paris Luggage Tag
Eiffel Tower Paris Luggage Tag by adayinparis
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Jul 12, 2013

7 Alphabet Posters

These alphabet posters can be the perfect addition to a nursery or play room decor. They all feature, well... the alphabet! in a colorful and fun way. Some include animals, fruits, plants or just letters. A few of them can even be customized with a name. So if you are looking for the perfect poster, you may find it right here.
kids animal alphabet poster
kids animal alphabet poster by vectoria
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Alphabet Poster
Alphabet Poster by jamierushad
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Alphabet poster with Sunny colors
Alphabet poster with Sunny colors by mollybhappy
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Cute alphabet with illustrations poster
Cute alphabet with illustrations poster by hallmarkeveryday
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Alphabet Cute - poster
Alphabet Cute - poster by andi_bird
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Jul 10, 2013

Color Pick: Coral

Today I'm featuring a hand picked selection of items from Zazzle featuring the color Coral. This color is trendy and in season all year long, even though it's used mostly during spring and summer. You can see it in many different events, from Baby Showers to Weddings, and in many different objects, from iPhone cases to canvas bags. Do you have a favorite current color?

Coral Geometric Towels
Coral Geometric Towels by Richard__Stone
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Pretty Peony Monogram Stamp
Pretty Peony Monogram Stamp by pinklilypress
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Coral Flower Design Bridal Shower Invitations
Coral Flower Design Bridal Shower Invitations by AllyJCat
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