Jan 7, 2015

Hello Cards

These "Hello" cards are perfect to start the new year getting in touch with that relative or friend that you haven't talked to in a while. They can also be a nice gesture for the ones that are around you and would love to be reminded of how important they are in your life. Find your favorite one and make someone's day bright. More cards can be found here.
Hello Skyline Post Cards
Hello Skyline Post Cards by OctopusLove
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Pink Mailbox Postcard Hello!
Pink Mailbox Postcard Hello! by Pixabelle
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Yo! The Element of Hello Post Cards
Yo! The Element of Hello Post Cards by jroota
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Chalkboard Postcard
Chalkboard Postcard by CajaTate
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Simple Postcard, "Hello/Goodbye"
Simple Postcard, "Hello/Goodbye" by CajaTate
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